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Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) offers a wide range of practical-based higher education programs in engineering and technology to produce competent engineers. The application-oriented curriculum which integrates theory and practice in the concept of a teaching factory emphasize experiential and action learning that is task-oriented and concentrates on problem-solving.

UMP focuses on applied research and industrial projects to enrich the teaching and learning processes while promoting the commercialization of the research products, thus exposing our students to the latest research and development activities in the industries. Indeed, UMP students experience to handle of state-of-the-art facilities that resembles those used in industries. Known for its "Teaching Factory" concept, students in UMP are taught by experienced faculties in a learning environment that prepares them for the real world. UMP is currently operating in two campuses in Pahang. Its Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Electric and Electronics Engineering are located in a resort-like campus of Pekan. The rest of the faculties, academic centres and Centres of Excellence are operating in Gambang, a town strategically situated in a rapidly growing petrochemical and biotechnology hub. The two campuses are about 40 km apart.